• Sébastien Touache

    Sébastien Touache, a Spezial man

    Sébastien Touache is a french illustrator born in 1982. 
    During his childhood, he read a lot of comics, from Tintin to Asterix, and watched a lot of japanimation as well (dragon ball z, saint seiya, etc). From this time, he became interested in drawing pictures.
    After few years spent in Africa, he come back to France and begin to study graphic desi gn and illustration. With the friends he met at school, they found Jeanspezial in 2006, and made a lot of exhibitions and walls across Europe (Paris, Berlin, Munich, Bruxelles, Ghent, Luxembourg...). On the other side, Sebastien is also a proud member and co-founder of les jeanclode, the commercial part of his activity, with les Jeanclode.

  • Tropical Sunrise
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    Tropical Sunrise

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