Fashion is a trip!

    Raised in Cambodia and Thailand before moving to France at the age of eight, Sovandy KONG grew up in the love of Khmer traditional weavings transmitted to him his mother. It is thanks to these women and their attachment to a certain idea of ​​refinement SOK'SABAI emerged.
    Desiring to promote the heritage of distant peoples, SOK 'SABAI emphasizes the expertise of artisans from around the world, to transmit culture and messages of people who say the essential things in our world, but which are too alone, too loins or materially too poor to be heard

    Relying on its culture to fit firmly in modern life is the spirit SOK 'Sabai, including accessories reflect the permanence of traditions in our daily lives and provide our look or our interior a touch of timelessness in a world in constant motion.

    Each proposed piece, often in limited number or unique model, has a story, a soul and that magnifies our pace with style and authenticity.

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