Who are we ? I do not know to find out ...

What is Bernard Forever?

Bernard Forever is an ecommerce temporary tattoos and quality of escutcheons to be missed, for adults and adolescents.

A team of enthusiasts

Bernard Forever, is a temporary tattoo artists from father to son since 2012 but especially lovers of graphic arts, of offbeat humor, music and suspicious. The team consists of three people working in communication agencies.

The temporary tattoo: a new fashion accessory

Our goal is to offer temporary tattoos design and offset, a bit regressive, in tribute to the decals of our youth.

They do not intended to compete with traditional tattoos but to be ephemeral fashion accessories to wear for an evening, a weekend at the beach, a tryst or a tupperware meeting.

Quality and durability

Our tattoos are resistant to water and soap. They had an average of 3 to 4 days. The inks of our tattoos are hypoallergenic and do not contain henna. They have been certified NF EN 71-10 by an independent laboratory.

Tattoo your clothes with our escutcheons

Give new life to your textile with our badges made in France. With their double coated adhesive and fusible, spice up your shirts, bags, kilts and a touch of madness and fashion for a few days or forever.

Le Carré V.I.P. Bernard Forever

Friends' journalists, blogger-editors and his-facilitators of all stripes, you want to communicate with us?

Bravo, your good taste honor you as much as we pleased.

For your convenience, we have a press area containing all our visuals, authentic VIP area, which is sure to be useful beyond all expression.

Or not.

23 January 2012

It is from this date that you enjoy the incredible talent and ancestral know-how of a temporary tattoo artist craftsman father to son.


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